Design. Build. Save. It's that simple.


Custom Design

All our clients enjoy the same fully customized, personal service because we believe that no two projects are alike.  Site conditions, family dynamics, environmental aspects, BUDGETS.....they all vary.  Every project begins with a design, and our experience and expertise in bringing your ideas to life while respecting your budget is what sets us apart from our competitors. Does "custom" also mean "more expensive"?  No, it definitely doesn't.  "Custom" simply means that we create each design to fit our clients' needs, their budget and their lot.  We do not have any "stock" plans or model homes, nor do we focus on one architectural style over another.  From the simplest 3-season cottage to a complex engineered post and beam executive home, your input is valued and encouraged throughout the design phase while we work together to create a final design that fits your lot, your needs and your budget.



Project Management

Can you imagine what would happen if you went to a car dealer and asked them to show you what each part of the car actually costs before you bought it?  Chances are you would be laughed at.  Try asking the same question to most Home Builders, and you will get the same response.  Our Projex Partner tendering report will show you what every single part of the job will cost, including our fee, with multiple quotes to consider for each trade.  Project Management is by far the most cost effective way to build, and no other delivery method gives the client as much value for their investment.  While most General Contractors thrive on upgrades and/or design changes with huge profit margins added after the contract is signed, our fee is always a flat rate fixed at the initial budgeting stage. No matter what you want to spend on your counter tops, bathroom faucet or won't change.  Once we determine the scope of work you require (full turnkey, partial turnkey, or basic shell erection), and we will take care of everything you need from the permit application to project completion.