Projex will work diligently with you every step of the way to bring your design to life – on time and within budget.

Why Project Management?

Our project management system has been refined using over 16 years experience in design & management of residential construction projects.  All builders, big and small, use their own project management system to keep track of the budget and schedule – the two most important things to control for your project to be successful.  At Projex, we start with the initial design and planning stages and no stone is left unturned until your project is 100% complete.  We work diligently with you every step of the way to bring your design to life – on time and within budget.  The Project Manager coordinates all project related activity including: Obtaining all required permit approvals; Negotiating pricing, payment terms and warranty details for all subcontractors; Coordinating ALL required inspections; Ensuring WSIB and Ministry of Labour compliance; Quality control with daily site inspections; Budget management and approval of all invoices.  There are many reasons why General Contractors hire their own Project Managers, now Projex can offer those same benefits directly to the homeowner!

Benefits to the Projex Project Management System

1.    Eliminate General Contractor profits – General Contractors have profit margins built in to every part of the project – materials, labour, & all subcontracts.  A typical GC markup ranges between 12%-20%, and upgrades are often subject to a much higher markup. Our system exposes all costs and by teaming up with Projex you will pay the same contractor rates other builders pay.  Our fees are set up front at the initial budgeting stage, and they will not change.

2.    Better quality – By picking and choosing the contractors and suppliers for your project, we can provide a higher level of quality and workmanship.  YOU determine the specifications for the products and services required for your project - not the builder.  Most Home Builders often have agreements with preferred vendors and subcontractors that gives them lower prices, but often limits the choices available to the client.  Projex can source any product from any vendor and we will negotiate the best pricing we can on your behalf.

3.    See all the options – With so many different products on the market today, the choices are virtually limitless.  Most General Contractors purposely limit the choices available to their clients to try and streamline the sales process, and any upgrades to those choices are extremely expensive.  With our system, there is no standard – everything is made to order!  We can easily provide our clients with optional prices to anything they want - flooring, siding, masonry, fixtures. Best of all, our fees remain the same no matter what options you choose.

4.    See where every penny is going – Our Projex Partner tendering system exposes every single cost associated with your project, including the soft costs that you never hear about – property insurance, legal fees, financing costs, permit costs, etc.  Before your project ever starts you will know where every penny of your hard earned money is going, with no surprises at the end of the project.  It is a completely open-book approach that no other builder could or would ever provide.

5.    You keep the savings, not the builder – Every construction project has a budget, and because residential construction isn’t an exact science all General Contractors carry a contingency in their budget for unforeseen costs during construction.  With Projex, we also carry a contingency budget for our clients ranging from 2%-5% depending on the complexity of the project.  The difference is with our system when the project is complete any money left over in the budget is yours to keep, not your builder’s.

6.    Use our experience to your advantage – With over 16 years experience in design and construction and over 250 custom homes, cottages and renovation projects completed throughout the Ottawa area, we have worked with dozens of different contractors and suppliers and we have seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Only experienced, local contractors with a proven track record are even invited to bid on your project, so you will never have to worry about what lurks behind your drywall...

7.    You decide the extent of your own involvement – Sweat equity is perhaps the most effective way to reduce construction costs – IF you can do it.  Our system can identify areas where you might want to save some money, and we can quickly show you how much you can save and what impact it will have on the schedule.  Our clients typically choose one of 3 options - full turnkey, partial turnkey (to drywall completion), or shell erection only. 

8.    You decide who earns your business – By sourcing several quotes for each part of your project, we can pick and choose the right man for every job – from carpenters, to plumbers, to painters.  Every quote is analyzed in detail and price is not the one and only factor involved in the selection process.  We review each quote in detail and provide our professional opinion, however as the homeowner you always get the final say on who will work on your project.

9.    Build a REAL Energy Efficient Home - All builders love to boast about how energy efficient their homes are, and the minimum building code requirements have come a long way in the last 8-10 years.  But the reality is, minimum building code is just that - MINIMUM.  Most industries wouldn't brag about providing the lowest level of performance that the law will allow, but many Home Builders certainly do.  From the latest in energy efficient building products, off-grid construction, or cutting edge heating and cooling technology we can provide our clients any option available.

10.    Your investment is always protected - Most homeowners receive a warranty through Tarion that covers defects in products and workmanship for new homes and cottages.  Tarion was put in place to set minimum warranty standards and protect homeowners from disreputable builders.  While it does serve an important purpose, it also represents the MINIMUM.  Does Tarion provide warranty coverage for renovations?  NO.  Projex will negotiate warranty details on your behalf with all subcontractors to properly protect your investment, often exceeding the minimum Tarion standards.

Still have questions? See our FAQs page, or feel free to Contact us.