Custom designed to fit YOUR needs, YOUR lot, and YOUR budget.

Custom Design Services

At Projex, we don't believe our clients should have to choose their new home or cottage design off a shelf or out of a catalogue. While model homes and home plan magazines are great to look at for ideas or inspiration, the idea of picking out a custom home design from a magazine is fundamentally flawed. In short, we think it makes much more sense to design a home to fit your lot, not vice versa. Over the years, we have never built the same home twice, and that's because each one of our clients have a specific wishlist that must fit into a specific budget on a specific piece of property. That's what we mean by the term "custom". Many people in our industry equate the word "custom" with "expensive", but we don't see it that way. To us, custom design simply means that the project is designed to fit your lot, your needs, and most important - your budget.

Our professional design service begins with a FREE, no obligation site consultation. That initial consultation is a crucial information gathering exercise, as we can quickly identify any restrictions or site conditions that will effect the design and/or permit approval. We will also be able to highlight any environmental assets (sun orientation, waterfront view, etc) and highlight them in our design concept. Once we have visited your lot, we take a step by step approach to work with you towards the final design. The first step is to provide a preliminary design with scaled floor plans and a 3D rendering of the house. Once the layout of the house is approved, we will look at specific exterior finishes and complete the exterior design with all 4 elevation views. The final phase of the design is to complete all required construction details and engineering for your building permit application.  We will also provide you with a preliminary budget projection for your project that can be used to set up financing approvals.

What separates us from other design firms is the 15 years experience we bring to the table managing residential construction projects. There are two things that keep a project manager awake at night - schedule and budget. For us, budget management begins right at the initial design phase and we will respect your project budget from day one. If, in our professional opinion, the budget starts to increase during the design process we will let you know before moving on to the next step. Many homeowners become enchanted with a particular design, only to have their hearts broken once the reality of the budget sets in. In that situation, you are basically left with a beautifully designed home on paper that you can't afford. Our upfront, professional approach will provide you with honest feedback and protect you from any heartache.

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